Spinal-Stim Spine Fusion Stimulator

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ANATOMICAL SITE Spine Fusion Stimulation, Spine Fusion Stimulation

Product description

Spinal-Stim delivers the highest success rates in bone growth stimulation for spine fusion and nonoperative salvage. In fact, 92% of patients receiving Spinal-Stim adjunctively have achieved fusion success. When treating failed fusion with Spinal-Stim, 67% of patients achieve successful fusion with no additional surgery. Spinal-Stim offers:

  • Proven Field Coverage
  • Risk Factor Coverage
  • Guarantee Program
  • Insurance Acceptance
  • FDA Approved Models for Both Cervical and Lumbar Spine

Features & Benefits

Surgeon Benefits

  • Proven Field Coverage
  • Risk Factor Coverage
  • Guarantee Program
  • Insurance Acceptance
  • Smart technology can provide outcomes analysis and hardcopy patient compliance monitoring

Patient Benefits
  • Lightweight, all-in-one unit allows unrestricted patient mobility - no separate cables, control units or battery packs
  • Comfortably worn with or without a brace, two hours per day
  • Patient friendly functionality: Instant information panel with LCDs for ongoing operational status
  • Easy buckle for on/off
  • Designed for more flexibility and comfort
  • Internal countdown shuts off automatically when daily treatment is complete
  • Normally poses no issues when traveling through airport security (user should bring product manual with their PEMF device and turn the device off if it must be put through an airport x-ray scan.)


The Spinal-Stim is a noninvasive electromagnetic bone growth stimulator indicated as a spinal fusion adjunct to increase the probability of fusion success and as a nonoperative treatment of salvage of failed spinal fusion, where a minimum of nine months has elapsed since the last surgery.